The amazing, overwhelming Marrakech

Marrakech was somewhere I’ve always wanted to see, and was lucky enough to get to visit for a few days this month. I suppose like many, I had a vague, romanticised idea of what it may be like. It turned out to exceed those ideas on every level. Exciting, intimidating, mysterious, atmospheric – I can’t emphasise enough what an incredible experience it is. You’re battered via every sense you have from the second you set foot in the Medina and it’s probably not for the faint hearted.

So here are a few Instagram snaps I took along the way, all the time wishing I’d brought a more serious camera with me.

Marrakech–souks-Jason-Regan Marrakech-Mosque-Jason-Regan Marrakech–souks-Jason-Regan Atlas-mountains-Marrakech-Jason-Regan Marrakech-square-Jason-Regan Marrakech–souks-Jason-Regan Marrakech–souks-Jason-Regan Marrakech–souks-Jason-Regan Marrakech–souks-Jason-Regan Marrakech-souks-Jason-Regan Marrakech-souks-Jason-Regan Marrakech-souks-Jason-Regan Marrakech-souks-Jason-Regan Marrakech–souks-Jason-Regan
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