Animated digital flyers and short videos

We've recently been producing lots of digital flyers for various Sheen Resistance events, and incorporating video and moving image into these to take advantage of Instagram and Facebook's proprietary video capabilities.

The Sheen Resistance events are about old-school, iconic dance music, so we've been combining short music snippets with clips from vintage TV dance shows or images of iconic 70s and 80s personalities, and then layering animated Sheen Resistance branding over the top.

To make these easily shareable, we keep the duration short with the audio edited so it will loop cleanly ā€“ that way on platforms like Instagram and Vine, they will repeat continually with no jarring audio jump. We generally produce them in widescreen format for Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, and square for Instagram, making the most of whatever platform has to offer, with a fun, tongue-in-cheek quality which supports the brand identity.

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