Creative direction for The Sheen Resistance

The irony of somewhere as safe as South West London's East Sheen needing a resistance was one of the things that convinced us of the name for this local DJ collective. The Sheen Resistance play a hybrid of classic dance styles for a more grown-up crowd. The branding utilises vintage catalogue and found imagery in a way that includes the audience with a knowing wink, but still looks cool and makes them feel part of something edgier than anything else the area offers.

Promo material uses manifesto-style pronouncements that deliberately clash with the images in a tongue-in-cheek way, and social media posts position classic disco and soul artists in South West London.


Animated flyers or promotional clips use retro fashion images consistent with the main brand story, combined with short loops of the kind of music that's likely to be played at a Sheen Resistance event.

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