Back to the future with Pierre Cardin

Pierre Cardin – Space-age genius 'The clothes that I prefer are those I invent for a life that doesn't exist yet - the world of tomorrow.' Pierre Cardin Past, Present, Future, 1990. Growing up in the 80s on the borders of the East End & Essex, Pierre Cardin was chiefly known as the

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The amazing, overwhelming Marrakech Marrakech was somewhere I've always wanted to see, and was lucky enough to get to visit for a few days this month. I suppose like many, I had a vague, romanticised idea of what it may be like. It turned out to exceed those ideas on every level. Exciting, intimidating, mysterious,


Beach huts

Every year, before the foreign holiday, we head down to Mudeford in Dorset and spend some time in a beach hut. The beach huts in Mudeford are located on the Hengistbury Head peninsular, a hook shaped land-mass that encircles Christchurch harbour. The huts themselves are back-to-back on the tip of the peninsular as it almost-but-not-quite

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Driving a design classic – the Karmann Ghia

My interest in cars is generally directly proportional to how much spare cash I have available. Typically not very much, so for the most part, cars are not something that occupy too much of my thoughts. A few years back though, a small insurance payout presented me with a modest lump sum and I blew

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