Manager Magazine for the Institute of Administrative Management (IAM) is a project I worked on at Publicom since pitching for its relaunch, as art director, designer, artworker, retoucher, illustrator – you name it, on the creative side. Thanks to lovely, receptive clients at IAM and excellent editorial collaborators, in particular Richard Brent, it’s been a joy to work on, and has developed a strong, modern identity of its own.

Over the course of the time we’ve been working on Manager and its associated website, IAM have reported a 28% increase in membership. Each issue has improved on the one before it and has proven to be a highly effective way of delivering excellent content to both IAM members, and others in the business community. I’m delighted to say that the magazine has now received a special award for best Professional Association Magazine at the 2013 MemCom Awards.

For more information, see Manager here in the portfolio section.