Miscellaneous motion graphics and video editing

Motion graphics and editing for a combination of corporate and entertainment projects.
Typically produced in Adobe After Effects and Premiere, with components created in Photoshop and Illustrator, and audio in Audition.

Motion graphics and editing overview video.

A 5-second social media ad promoting Chivas’ Street Regal sub-brand and its link with Manchester United.

A one-minute cut of The Brand New Heavies’ hits combined with footage of the band playing live. The 3D After Effects room set establishes their credentials as rooted in the funk, soul and disco of the 70s. The spoof TV ident reinforces the period message, along with scratches and film grain to weather the opening and closing shots.

Promotional video for Smart Group. A new edit using existing content to show the full range of the group’s event and high-end catering expertise.

A short animation promoting the public information service, matching existing corporate films for BCAN – the US Bladder Cancer Advisory Network.

Produced at Madano.

A short public information video encouraging safe disposal of Nitrous Oxide canisters. Shortlisted for Campaign of the Year at the Materials Recycling World National Recycling Awards 2023.

Produced at Madano.

A short film explaining the concept of Nuclear energy to schoolchildren. I created and animated a series of sequences to add to some pre-existing content, then directed the voiceover artist.

Produced at Madano.

A social media ident for Music Box Radio, in the style of the classic RKO ident. Produced entirely in After Effects.

Announcement animation for New York nightlife organisation Soul In The Horn

Announcement animation for New York nightlife organisation Soul In The Horn

A short social media promo for Music Box Radio.

Testing animated halftones for a music video project.

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