Getting the most impact from your online presence

Your website should be the central hub of your marketing activity, with everything else supporting and feeding it.

Customers are looking to engage with your brand across a variety of media as a measure of whether you’re worth doing business with. These days, that could be your YouTube channel, your corporate LinkedIn & Facebook pages, your blog or your Twitter account. It’s important for your professional credibility to send out a consistent message with the right tone of voice. We can set up and brand all of these if relevant in any identity projects, ready for you to use immediately; plus we can advise on and supply SEO copy that supports your marketing message, while attracting traffic.

HTML email is another great component of your digital marketing, driving traffic to your website, while keeping clients & customers up to date with what you’ve been up to. Email newsletters will establish brand awareness and credibility. They can be personalised, designed to reflect your branding, and crucially, measured in many ways – who opened it, which links they clicked, what system they used to view it, and whether they forwarded it. An excellent sales tool, and a great way to get people to your website.

sputnik-design-digital-marketing-mixIf you’re not comfortable with taking the plunge and doing the social media yourself, we can do that on your behalf, acting as a remote marketing department for your company. We have a variety of packages to choose from.

We’ll constantly analyse what’s working and continually refine for the most impactful results.

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