The Periodic Table of SEO

SEO Success Search Engine Land have produced this nifty infographic, The Periodic Table of SEO Success Factors, as guide to help you get your site noticed. Very informative as a checklist of stuff you can do to improve your rankings. Click on the image to see it full-sized. The link to the original on their

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Manager Magazine wins a special award at MemCom 2013

Manager Magazine for the Institute of Administrative Management (IAM) is a project I worked on at Publicom since pitching for its relaunch, as art director, designer, artworker, retoucher, illustrator – you name it, on the creative side. Thanks to lovely, receptive clients at IAM and excellent editorial collaborators, in particular Richard Brent, it’s been a

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BCFA Design Insider entered for IoIC Awards

You wait ages, and then two come along together. Design Insider, for the BCFA (British Contract Furnishing Association) and IDA (Interior Design Association), art directed & designed by Jason Regan while at Agency Publicom, has been entered into the Institute of Internal Communication‘s 2013 awards in the categories of Best Membership Publication and Best Relaunched

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The ten greatest looking films ever made, Part 2

More of an outdoor flavour to this post, in contrast to Part 1 which featured a lot of artificially lit interiors. There’s no particular theme, although with a Road movie and two Westerns, there are three examples of non-US directors tackling some classic American movie staples, plus three mythic characters who have had multiple films

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Anatomy of a cover image

In the heady jet-set media world of contract publishing, there’s rarely the opportunity to commission original photography or illustration. Consequently, there’s a heavy reliance on stock imagery which can very quickly look a bit samey. I always like to go the extra mile, particularly on cover images, and really sell the story with something more

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The environments of 2001: A Space Odyssey

Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey. There are so many incredible images associated with this film it’s difficult to know where to start or stop, but the ones that generally stick in my mind are those that highlight the amazing set design, and the lovely update of the 60′s air travel experience to space. One

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